Series Overview

Women of Faith in the Latter Days is a seven-volume series with each volume containing well-researched chapters on women from all walks of life. Because one purpose of the series is to popularize the women in the volumes and their life experiences, the intended audience is a general readership with interest in Latter-day Saint history and women. The series is published by Deseret Book and marketed widely to that audience.

The first volume in the series was published in December 2011 with subsequent volumes to follow at periodic intervals.

Volume 1

Women born before or in 1820

Volume 1 in this groundbreaking series recounts the stories of the first-generation of Latter-day Saint women born before or in 1820. With chapters often written in their own words, women share their experiences from the earliest days in Church history, including life in Kirtland, and their expulsions from Missouri and Nauvoo. Through their words, we learn of their trials, triumphs, and testimonies.
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Volume 2

Women born between 1821 and 1845

This volume, the second in a series of seven, features women born between 1821 and 1845 and presents both well-known women and previously obscure ones whose lives of faith also deserve emulation. They lived in an age when Latter-day Saint leaders emphasized the literal gathering of Israel, and, for that reason, the stories you will find here include accounts of the trek to Utah and the settlement of new communities in the West.
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Volume 3

Women born between 1846 and 1870

Volume 3 features women born between 1846 and 1870 and includes well-known women and others publicly unknown. Their lifespans range from the era of the Mormon pioneers to the beginnings of the space age. All these women knew pioneer life firsthand. Many also experienced the gradual transition to modern life and the expansion of the Church to far-flung parts of the globe.
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Volume 4

Women born between 1871 and 1900

In Volume 4, the Church becomes rooted around the globe. Women in Europe record the trials and blessings of being a Latter-day Saint during World Wars 1 and 2, the Mexican Revolution, and the expansion of the Church in the Pacific Isles. This volume moves beyond the well-trodden history of the pioneer era, exposing readers to a fresh generation of faithful Latter-day Saint women, true to their testimonies despite their circumstances.

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