Series Overview

Women of Faith in the Latter Days is a seven-volume series with each volume containing approximately 35 ten-page chapters on women from all walks of life. Because one purpose of the series is to popularize the women in the volumes and their life experiences, the intended audience is a general readership, with interest in Latter-day Saint history and women. The series will be published by Deseret Book and marketed widely to that audience.

The first volume in the series was published in December 2011 with subsequent volumes to follow at one-year intervals. The first seven volumes will be as follows:

  • Volume 1: Women born before or in 1820.
  • Volume 2: Women born between 1821 and 1845.
  • Volume 3: Women born between 1846 and 1870.
  • Volume 4: Women born between 1871 and 1895.
  • Volume 5: Women born between 1896 and 1920.
  • Volume 6: Women born between 1921 and 1945.
  • Volume 7: Women born between 1946 and 1970.